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Flash Game Player Classic

* The pro version(KEY) price is change now: $8.99 -> $1.99, Hope you like it* (New price will keep 1 ~ 2 weeks).Pro version(KEY) link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vkrun.flashgameplayer_pro-------------------NEWS START-------------------We have just release a new version called Flash Game Player NEW.New version link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vkrun.fgpnewOr you can just see my other application. You will find it.The older version will just still there in case someone really need it, and it will change name to Flash Game Player Classic.Flash Game Player upgraded now. We called it Flash Game Player NEW. With high optimized engine, you can play flash almost in full speed.What's new in Flash Game Player NEW:1. No need to install Adobe Flash Player plugin anymore.2. Support newest Android OS.3. High speed Flash Game experiences, base pre-version it's up to 50%.4. Support Drag/Mouse Function now.5. Gamepad Configuare Optimized.6. Gamepad transparency supported now.7. New Flash Browser mode.8. New Flash Grabber, much easy to find the .swf file on web page.9. Web History and bookmark added.10. New UI Design.-------------------NEWS END-------------------------------------------OLD MESSAGE-----------------------------This is a flash/swf player which provides gamepad for flash games, you can use it as a Flash game Controller or just a Flash player on android.Current version Support Android Lollipop(Android 5.1).Any comments are welcomeFeatures1. Local Flash Video Play.(swf file play).2. Highly customizable Gamepad for you.3. Web Browser, can view the Flash content on web page.4. Flash Grabber, allowed you to find and download the Flash from website.How to use1. Download and Install Adobe Flash Player, This application will let you install a official Flash Player.(Or you can download by yourself:https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html)2. Download flash game/movie to your android device, launch Flash Game Player, and open the flash file (end with .swf).3. You can configuration the gamepad key mapping in setting.4. While you are playing flash game you can switch gamepad style or hidden gamepad or even open soft keyboard.5. Enjoy!Tips1. Use low quality for a faster speed(See settings).2. Use Small Screen size for a faster speed.Note 1As you know, Flash now becoming more and more device dependency(The hardware and OS), so some flash files may cause this application crash, freeze and some could not be expected errors. If you happen to find something like that, please kill the application and try again.(sometimes you may need reinstall)Note 2This application will use Adobe Official Flash Player, Please do not use the hacked version.(If you don't have Flash Player installed, this application will guide you to install the official one.)Known bugsNew engine will lost focus when the page have more than one hot area,(Not flash only, but also some others link and etc.) You can download the Flash Game to your device, and then open it with this application to solve this problem;Thanks To Mozilla!If you enjoy this tool, please share with your friends and give me 5 stars. Thank you!
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