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    Nov 06 2021

Rolling Monkey Kingdom

Tang Tang-chIen, daughter of the eldest son of the Anshan Iron and Steel Company (Anshan Iron and Steel Company), is a senior high school student, the father of the Tang Dynasty.
The Monkey King was ordered to protect Tang Dynasty.
The Monkey King waited at the school gate every day for Don Tang.
The Monkey King and his classmates play video games.
The role of the dog in the dog play is the legendary dog, Monkey King hates the whIzzIng dog.
One day Miss Tang was kidnapped by the mysterious alien organization of the mysterious alien organization.
They wanted Monkey King to deliver the second son of Tang Priest.
The original apprentice, TaI-Teng II, translated Tang Priest into Tang Xing's fruit, and was reborn as a human being.Zha Zhangzha, son of Tangguang LiYes, yes, yes, yes, yes.The knight's daughter was Don Tang.
This is an issue of social networking.So the vengeance of the avengers knew the matter.
Sun Wukong and his classmates ....
Still playing video games!
Game play
IndIvIdualIsm is a puzzle game.Players in the game can create and use their unique skills to solve danger.Risk and aidDuring the 1998 Tonghua Airport, airport.With an alien organization, the Monkey King and his classmates joined forces with each other.The demon of the organized monster rescued Miss Tang from the Tang dynasty (modern edition Tang Priest).
  Players can experience Monkey King, Pig and Friar Sand in the game.The law is based on their unique characteristics.Skills. Each character has different skills.To assist in fighting or destroying a dangerous mechanism.In any case, players can freely choose the most appropriate time to use their unique skills.
Access Requirements :
- Press the red button on the body.
- Two can also use bodies to press down the switch.
- Three out of three people touch the exit.
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