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    Oct 09 2019


SKETCHit - Sketchware Projects ManagerFeatures:-1.Backup Projects according to the version2.Share Projects among friends3.Restore backup projects4.Add permissions to sketchware project application5.Publish to SKETCHit Project Store as Tutorial6.Sketchware Tutorial links7.Sketchware MoreBlocks collection8.JAVA Codes collection9.Clear Sketchware Collections. Eg:- MoreBlock, Widgets & Blocks10.Delete Sketchware projectsSKETCHit Store:-You can publish sketchware projects. Only Sketchware Tutorials are allowed. After uploading, SKETCHit will verify whether it is a sketchware tutorial.If it is not verified after 3 or 4 days the project will be automatically deleted!!The project may get not verified under the following reasons:- 1.Project file is not a sketchware tutorial.2.Unnecessary Contents.3.Not a useful project.4.Project file size is greater than the limitation.Sketchware Tutorials-You can learn how to make a mobile application with sketchware.(YouTube Videos Links)MoreBlocks Collection-You have a list of moreblocks which helps you to grown up the mobile application.(You have the ability to add the moreblocks directly to sketchware)*NOTE* The changes may occur after restarting sketchwareJAVA CodesYou will get a list of java codes & you may allow them to copy.Backup Sketchware ProjectsYou can backup sketchware projects according to its version.Restore Skechware Projects You can restore backuped projects .Share ProjectsYou can share the project file among friendsDeveloped by: Manish Nirmal
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Version : 2.2 for Android 4.4oder höher

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