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    Mar 02 2021


Teslagrad DescriptionTeslagrad apk is an indie game of 2D adventure puzzle. In the game, players mainly rely on magnets for same-sex resentment and opposite sex to solve puzzles and battles. The game is very creative. The game's level settings and Boss battles are cleverly combined with magnetism, which is a test of mind and operation. The game's screen uses a Q version of the animation style, but this style is more concise and easy to understand, so that the game does not need a text at all to understand the entire game story and basic operations.-aPKAwarD.cOM The music in the game is very hard, and there are different music at every stage of the Boss battle. The game's playability is quite high, and it is very necessary for the players to use their brains to pass smoothly. The game makes full use of the electromagnetic effect, attracting and repelling each other to achieve the moving effect of the organ. Quite distinctive. The game screen is beautiful and the effect is great!